Covid-19 Health & Safety Update

The Health & Safety of our team is our utmost concern. To ensure we can continue to be of service to our clients, NFL Construction recognizes the ongoing need for vigilance in regard to Covid-19 So that our team members can effectively and efficiently continue to work on building sites, we have adopted the following Covid-19 Precautionary Measures. These Precautionary Measures will assist with ensuring our team members and other people working on the same building site remain safe.

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures to Keep Us All Safe

It is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that all of our team members implement these precautionary measures to ensure you and your workmates stay safe;
  • KEEP a physical distance of 1-2m between yourself and other people
  • AVOID touching other people
  • DO NOT shake hands
  • WEAR gloves and a face mask at all times, where practical
  • AVOID touching your face
  • APPLY hand sanitiser often throughout the day to hands and gloves
  • CONTROL your cough and sneeze hygiene, meaning
    • Maintain a distance of at least 1 metre from other people when you’re about to cough or sneeze;
    • Cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue or elbow, then throw tissue away and sanitise hands
  • FREQUENTLY and thoroughly wash and dry hands during the day; where possible
  • DO NOT share drink bottles, glasses, cutlery, or any other utensils with anyone outside of your known contacts
  • AVOID sharing transport with anyone outside of your known contacts where you cannot maintain a safe distance
  • AVOID mixing outside of your group of known contacts
  • AVOID close contact with people NOT known to you – this is contact where you have been closer than 1m for longer than 15 minutes
    • Take Note of the Name and Mobile number of anyone with whom you have had close contact
    • Share your Name and Mobile number with anyone who has been a close contact, if this is considered safe – to speed up possible contact tracing in future
  • IMMEDIATELY notify us if you feel sick, unwell or under the weather – self-isolate and visit a Covid-19 testing centre or your doctor

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures the Company is Implementing

  • ALL team members will receive hand sanitiser, gloves and face masks
  • REDUCTION of the number of team members on a small building site to between 2 to 3 at the same time, to ensure physical distancing can be implemented
  • ENSURE all company tools are disinfected at the end of each day
  • PRODUCE a stock of cards with Name and Mobile number for every team member, to enable them to share their personal information with someone NOT part of their known contacts, after they have been in close contact, if this is considered safe.
    • This method will be used until there is a NZ Government sponsored contact tracing app which can then be used instead.
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